December 15th, 2021

Excited, honored, and humbled that Bridge to Cures won the Wisconsin Inno Blazer award in the nonprofit category! There are so many incredible nonprofits doing great things for Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we are blessed to work with and alongside them. Click here:

November 17th, 2021

Tired of the lack of civil and productive/respectful discussion about Covid and our Covid response in America? Should people ever be forced to be vaccinated? Is Aaron Rodgers being treated unfairly – and how do we balance public policy and individual liberties? Are minority voices in the scientific community with differing perspectives on unapproved medical treatments (e.g. Ivermectin) dangerous, or being unfairly blocked? Hear Dr. Jay Bhattacharya speak as part of our Liberty, Faith and Economic Summit. Jay, a Stanford physician and epidemiologist, is author of the Great Barrington Declaration and presents his views of a more targeted response to Covid, based on epidemiology. He also talks about the difficulty being a non-mainstream voice and the impact of cancel culture on civil discourse. Jay is a frequent guest on Fox News and CNN and author of multiple WSJ articles. Click here to watch:

June 23rd, 2021

Excited to have landed the #2 spot in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business plan competition life sciences category, for Estrigenix Therapeutics, Inc. – the company I co-founded with colleagues Karyn Frick at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and William Donaldson at Marquette University. Although, the reason we won was because of the awesome pitch and business plan presented by my student Kylee Marks, as part of her Master of Product Development thesis project! What a great team – focused on addressing women’s health issues – initially on advancing our drug lead for treating hot flashes and dementia in menopausal women. Click here to learn more:

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