Healthcare Innovation

Dan continues to be a leader of change. His fingerprints are on the following:

Bridge to Cures, Inc., President and CEO
Bridge to Cures is a team of entrepreneurs with a mission to connect with, mentor and fund inventors to transform their healthcare innovations into products that address unmet medical needs.

In March 2020, as part of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin project, Bridge to Cures partnered with Concordia University, Husco, Ritus Corporation, Aprilaire, Roddy Medical, UW-Milwaukee, Children’s Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin, among others to produce 3D printed face shields and related respiratory masks for southeast Wisconsin.

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Retham Technologies™ LLC, CEO and General Counsel
Retham Technologies is revolutionizing the diagnosis and management of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) with the goal of decreasing morbidity and lowering the cost of care for HIT-suspected patients.

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Estrigenix Therapeutics, Inc., Vice President of Business Development
Estrigenix Therapeutics is focused on women’s health issues, initially developing a new treatment to address hot flashes and dementia in post-menopausal women.

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Remedium eXchange (Rx) Think Tank, Director
The Rx Think Tank provides information, resources and support to policymakers, healthcare innovators, patients and providers so that, ultimately, market forces can drive down costs and increase the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

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Triad Therapeutics, Cofounder and Vice President for Biophysics
Triad Therapeutics was co-founded by Dr. Sem based on the technology he developed and patented to make use of the recently-sequenced human genome. He also served as the Vice President of Biophysics where he developed a platform technology for designing focused combinatorial libraries targeting kinases and dehydrogenases.

Triad Therapeutics was voted one of the top 10 biotech startups in 2002 by Drug Discovery Today. In the same year, Dan co-published a seminal article on NMR-based drug discovery with Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Kurt Wüthrich. For additional information, go here.

Soon after, Triad was acquired by global healthcare giant Novartis for $60 million.

Patents and Publications

Publication Bibliography for Daniel S. Sem (Out of 70; only since 2018)

  1. Fleischer, A.W., Schalk, J.C., Wetzel, E.A., Hanson, A.M., Sem, D.S., Donaldson, W. A., Frick, K.M. (2021) Chronic oral administration of a novel estrogen receptor beta agonist enhances memory and alleviates drug-induced vasodilation in young ovariectomized mice, Horm. Behav. 130: 104948. doi: 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2021.104948. PMID: 33571507)
  2. Wetzel, E.A., Hanson, A.M., Troutfetter, C.L., Burkett, D.J., Sem, D.S., Donaldson, W.A. (2020) Synthesis and evaluation of 17a-trazolyl and 9a-cyano derivatives of estradiol. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 28, 115670 doi: 10.1016/j.bmc.2020.115670. (PMID: 32912438)
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  4. Gupta, A., Brahmbhatt, J., Syrlybaeva, R., Bodnar, C., Bodnar, N., Bongard, R., Pokkuluri, P.R., Sem, D.S., Ramchandran, R., Rathore, R., Talipov, M.R. (2019) Role of Conserved Histidine and Serine in CXXXXXRS Motif of Human Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 5. J Chem Inf Model. 59, 1563-1574. (PMID: 30835471)
  5. Perera, K.L.I.S., Hanson, A.M., Lindeman, S., Imhoff, A., Lu, X., Sem, D.S.,  Donaldson, W.A. (2018) Synthesis and evaluation of 4-cycloheptyllphenols as Selective Estrogen Receptor-beta Agonists (SERBAs) to Enhance Memory Consolidation under Low-estrogen Conditions. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 157, 791-804. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2018.08.006. (PMID: 30144697)

Research Support – Federal Peer-reviewed Grants

Active Federal Grants:

  1. Granting agency: NIH(R15).  Role: PI.  Project Title: Development of ER beta agonists to treat post-menopausal memory decline. NIH R15 2R15GM118304; 9/1/2015-8/31/2021  
  2. Granting agency: Role: collaborator.  Project Title: Clinical and Translational Science Award.   Overall goal: The major goals of this project are to assist in the commercialization of biomedical innovations in southeast Wisconsin. NIH 2UL1TR001436-06; 6/1/2020-5/31/2025

Recently Completed Support (Federal Grants):

  1. Granting agency: NIH-NCATS(UL1).   Role: Sub-awardee.  Project Title: Clinical and Translational Science Award. NIH 5UL1TR001436-03; 8/18/2015-3/31/2020
  2. Granting agency: NIH(R01).   Role: co-Investigator.  Project Title: Targeting Dusp-5 to Treat Vascular Anomalies.   Overall goal: The goal of this project is the optimization and development of a drug lead for treating vascular anomalies. (this grant has a no-cost extension until 6/30/2017); 2/21/2012-12/31/2017
  3. Granting agency: NIH (Contract) Vascular Interventions/Innovations and Therapeutic Advances (VITA)).   Role: co-Investigator.  Project Title: A Study to Identify Molecules (similar to RR505) that Targets Dual Specific Phosphatase5 (DUSP5).   Overall goal: To optimize RR505 drug lead, as an inhibitor of DUSP5;  11/1/2013-10/31/2016
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