Daniel S. Sem, Ph.D., MBA, JD

A healthcare entrepreneur, professor, and co-author of Purple Solutions

When it comes to finding solutions to our nation’s healthcare crisis, from discovery and innovation to policy reform, Dr. Dan Sem is a uniquely positioned authority.

With more than 25 years of experience as a healthcare entrepreneur, with startups in both industry and academics, Dan drives the policy discussion on healthcare reform while teaching, mentoring and helping others turn their dreams and innovative ideas into sustainable business models and companies that are profitable and have a positive social impact.

Purple Solutions

We can make healthcare better, together.

A grassroots healthcare revolution is underway to provide better, more affordable care to all Americans. What we have now is broken in many ways but could be the best healthcare delivery system in the world – if only our politicians would be willing to compromise to implement some simple bipartisan or hybrid solutions that work for all of us.

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